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Another Driver Tased For Failing To Obey Orders
Trigger happy trend becoming commonplace as "last option before lethal force" again used unnecessarily

Steve Watson
day, Dec 5, 2007

Video of another incident in which a driver was stopped and unnecessarily tased for failing to obey police orders has again attracted attention and controversy as the stun guns, which have now officially been dubbed a form of torture, continue to be used routinely by police.

Though the incident captured in the latest video to come to our attention took place a year ago, it again adds to the growing cases of unacceptable Taser use on citizens whom the evidence reveals are in no way threatening or resisting co-operation.

The video shows a man being pulled over in Austin Texas for traveling 5mph over the 65mph speed limit. He had an elderly friend or relative in the car with him at the time.

The cop asks for his license and he seems to be complying but too slowly for the cop's liking. As the driver says "woah woah woah, let me get it" the cop becomes angry. Within 15 seconds of asking for the license he unclips his Taser and demands the man step out of the vehicle. He then tazes him as soon as he is on the road and calls for back up.

Watch the video:

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The incident mirrors a separate case in Utah where a man was tased and arrested on a highway after being stopped by an officer and refusing to sign a speeding ticket because he did not understand why he had been pulled over or what he was being asked to sign.

Taser has been mired in controversy, since the wide uptake of its stun guns by police forces, due to the level of pain the devices inflict and the amount of deaths that have occurred after their use.

Further questions have been raised over more frequent police use of tasers. The guns are supposed to be the last response before lethal action, however, we have increasingly reported cases where police use them without warning and in non threatening situations.

Earlier this week we highlighted another case in which a woman was tased in a Sheffield Lake, Ohio, police station not because she threatened officers, in fact she was restrained in handcuffs, but rather because she refused to obey orders.

“Last November, [Kristina Fretter] was stunned with a Taser while in handcuffs in the Sheffield Police Department booking room after being picked up for drunken driving. The officer who fired the Taser, Edward Long, resigned, and charges were dropped against Fretter in exchange for her promise not to sue the village,” the Chronicle-Telegram reported.

Amnesty International has said there have been about 300 deaths around the world after Taser use and has called for it to be suspended while a full investigation into the impact is conducted.

Recently, a UN Committee said the stun gun "causes acute pain, constituting a form of torture".

Taser use is being abused by police all over the country and beyond as cops are trained that torture is a perfectly acceptable response to somebody who acts out of the ordinary, asks the wrong question or refuses to immediately obey orders show their papers.

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