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Zeppelin To Tour America!
Late cash infusion ensures Ron Paul blimp will get off the ground and be seen by millions in major US cities this December

Steve Watson
day, Dec 7, 2007

Jimmy Page and Robert Plant are not the only Zeppelin scheduled to make a huge impact this December. A project to fly a huge blimp over three major U.S. cities in support of Congressman Ron Paul's Presidential campaign has finally become a reality after a last gasp cash infusion ensured take off.

The idea was initially scoffed at, dismissed and made the butt of terrible "lead balloon" puns by neocon bloggers and establishment hacks who will once again be eating their words as support for Ron Paul is literally soaring!

The project, initiated by independent Ron Paul supporter Trevor Lyman, looked to be losing altitude earlier this week due to a slow down in fund raising and unfulfilled pledges. With $119,775 in donations plus $5,500 in wire transfer purchases, as of yesterday morning, the target of $200,000 by end of play Friday looked distant. However, a last gasp plea for donations by Lyman rejuvenated the project.

A statement on the website www.RonPaulBlimp.com read:

"We must receive $200,000 in sponsorships by midnight on Friday for the blimp to be in Boston by December 15th! Please sponsor the Ron Paul Blimp Tour now!"

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Over night the donations poured in and now the $200,000 target has been reached with other promised pledges constituting a total of $420,000. A detailed flight plan for the blimp has been released along with a press release which reads:

Supporters of Presidential candidate Ron Paul are excited to announce the launch of their very own privately funded Ron Paul blimp. In less than a month the idea has gone from a wishful post on a website to a full-blown and flying reality.

Launch date is set for the morning of December 11th from Elizabeth City, NC where the blimp will then fly north to New Hampshire with stops in Washington D.C., New York City and Boston. The blimp will be met at each stop by thousands of Ron Paul supporters who will come to cheer it on as it continues its journey while passing over stadiums, parks, highways and anywhere else people gather.

The Ron Paul blimp plans to be in Boston for the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party on December 16th where it will join supporters on the ground who will be protesting the high level of taxation we experience. Weather permitting, plans have it in New Hampshire for as long as possible up until the New Hampshire primary at which point it will fly south to South Carolina and Florida.

As stated in the press release, the blimp will fly over Boston on the same day that will see Ron Paul once again break the record for online fundraising in one day with the "Ron Paul Tea Party" mass donation day, also organised by Lyman.

These two events combined will ensure unprecedented media coverage for the campaign.

The blimp that will be used is one of the largest in the world at 197 feet long and over 66 feet high. It carries a ground crew of 15-20 along with 2 primary pilots. In addition 12 passengers can be carried during any one flight. The passengers will be chosen from Ron Paul supporters, veterans, charities, dignitaries and the media.

One side of the Blimp will carry the now familiar "Ron Paul r3VOLution" slogan, while the other will ask the question "Who is Ron Paul?" and encourage the millions who see it to google the Congressman.

The mainstream media is already picking up on the news and reporting on the blimp's take off:







ronpaulblimp.com is still seeking funds. The more it raises, the longer the blimp will stay in flight and the more people will come into contact with Ron Paul's campaign of freedom and limited government.

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