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Odds Say 2/1 Ron Paul Will Smash $10 Million Barrier In One Day Donations
How will the mainstream media spin away such an astounding show of support for the Texas Congressman?

Steve Watson
day, Dec 13, 2007

Betting odds on how much money Ron Paul's campaign will raise in one day this Sunday suggest that bookies believe the Congressman could easily break the $10 million mark and stun his constant detractors by raising close to $20 million in the fourth quarter.

Popular betting website BetCRIS.com has posted the following odds for how much Paul will raise at this weekend's "Boston Tea Party" fundraiser:

- $1-3 million 3 to 1

- $3-6 million 5 to 6

- $6-10 million 11 to 10

- Over $10 million 2 to 1

While the bookmakers say it is odds on that Ron Paul will break his own record for online donations in one day, the extremely short odds they give on the $10 million barrier being broken are very encouraging for the campaign.

On November 5th Dr Paul's campaign raised over $4.3 million via the online "money bomb" donation drive, with the affiliated website receiving 17,500 pledges in the run up. This time the website at http://www.teaparty07.com/ has 30,000 pledges with three days still to go. If these pledges are fulfilled, Paul's campaign could be looking at a figure almost double that of November 5th.

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However, speculators have suggested that there could be thousands of so called "lurkers" that have not signed up at the website but still intend to donate. In addition, the media coverage this weekend, combined with viral internet activity could entice new supporters.

Yesterday we revealed that Ron Paul has been declared the emphatic winner of the first ever National Presidential Caucus, a collation of results from Democrat, Republican and "open" caucus groups that were organised independently online and caucused face-to-face across the nation on December 7th. Despite previously hyping this contest, the mainstream media in its entirety failed to report the results yesterday as Infowars.net picked up the news from the organizer's own press release.

Another key indicator completely ignored by the media today was the revelation that USAStrawPolls.com, a website archiving the straw poll results leading up to the 2008 presidential election, has found that Ron Paul has just surpassed Fred Thompson as the sole leader in straw poll victories.

Though perhaps the most blatant case of corporate censorship of Ron Paul's campaign comes in the shape of MSNBC who have decided to exclude Paul from their upcoming "Meet the Candidates" series.

However, it is hard to believe that the corporate driven mainstream media will be capable of ignoring this weekend's events. The attention the tea party is set to generate will raise Ron Paul's profile yet again, making him without doubt one of the top tier candidates going into the decisive new year.

A telling sign of the Congressman's increasing repute emerged today as the British press have begun to cover the Ron Paul phenomenon, with the London Telegraph devoting an entire article to him.

Meanwhile, the Congressman's coffers have already soared to a total of $11.4 million for the quarter at time of writing. This means that Paul's campaign could come close to its target of $12 million before Sunday's event even begins.

Paul is almost certain to raise more this quarter than Mike Huckabee, John McCain and Fred Thompson. He will also raise more than Mitt Romney if you discount Romney's donations to himself.

Dr. Paul is also the only GOP candidate who has continued to attract popularity as the year has gone on. Paul raised more money in the third quarter than in the second quarter while none of the other candidates achieved this.

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