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Ron Paul Blimp Flys!
Huge airship takes to the air over North Carolina to promote the Ron Paul rEVOLution, battles adverse weather

Steve Watson
day, Dec 14, 2007

The Ron Paul Blimp launched this morning over the skies of Elizabeth City, North Carolina and at current time of writing is on its way to Chester, South Carolina where it will make its first stop.

Organizers for the blimp took off this morning at 8am at the Airship Management Hangar in Elizabeth City.

The current schedule, weather permitting will see the blimp pass over Raleigh at 1 pm, Greensboro at 3pm, Charlotte at 5pm and land in Chester, SC around 6pm.

The blimp will spend the night in Chester and then head to Columbia, South Carolina in the morning.

Check the Ron Paul blimp website and blog for regular updates. The blimp’s coordinates are being relayed via GPS and a live camera feed is also broadcasting events in real time.

Though weather conditions have hampered video feeds, a short video of the blimp was captured by the organizers this morning:

Watch live video from ronpaulblimp on Justin.tv 

Photos of the blimp's launch can be viewed here.

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Unfortunately it appears that due to the bad weather the blimp will not make it to Boston to join the fundraising events for the Tea Party donation day. Instead, the organizers say it will spend Sunday in another early-primary state, South Carolina, at a TeaParty07 rally in Columbia.

The project, initiated by independent Ron Paul supporter Trevor Lyman who was on board the blimp this morning for the take off, succeeded in raising its target of $200,000 last week, ensuring the flights could go ahead.

The blimp that will be used is one of the largest in the world at 197 feet long and over 66 feet high. It carries a ground crew of 15-20 along with 2 primary pilots. 12 passengers can be carried during any one flight. The passengers have been chosen from Ron Paul supporters, veterans, charities, dignitaries and the media.

At time of writing no major mainstream media outlet has reported on the flight of the blimp.

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