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Ron Paul Tops Google Zeitgeist List
Congressman most searched for presidential candidate of 2007 according to figures from most popular search engine

Steve Watson
day, Dec 14, 2007

Congressman Ron Paul has topped the internet's most formative list of popular searches in the category of 2008 presidential candidates, despite the fact that he started the year bottom of the pile.

Google announced its annual year-end "Zeitgeist" list for 2007 Thursday with figures the tell the story of the meteoric rise of Ron Paul in 2007.

In January Ron Paul was a virtual unknown, bottom of the list of most searched for presidential candidates. Mid way through the year the Congressman was on a par with the rest of the candidates, whose figures remained unchanged. Now the year end is here Paul has totally eclipsed every one of his rivals and continues to gain popularity whilst they remain stagnant.

The top ten list of most searched candidates according to Google is as follows:

ron paul
fred thompson
hillary clinton
barack obama
john edwards
mitt romney
john mccain
joe biden
bill richardson
rudy giuliani

The following graph from Google Zeitgeist shows Ron Paul's online boom over the last year:

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Note the graph spikes for Ron Paul in the run up to the November 5th "money bomb" during which supporters raised $4.3 million via online grassroots activity. Given that an even greater amount will be raised this weekend at the Boston Tea Party fundraiser, combined with the media coverage this will produce, Dr. Paul's profile is set to hit new heights again while his rivals dwindle at more or less the same levels they were at the start of the year.

Marissa Mayer, Google's vice president of search products and user experience, expressed surprise at the results, noting how Paul has been shut out of the corporate mainstream but has flourished online. "He's not nearly as covered [in the media] as Hillary Clinton or Barack Obama, but he has marketed himself online. He's using the Internet to his advantage." Mayer commented.

A cursory analysis of Ron Paul's web rankings on web ranking site Alexa.com also indicates that his presidential campaign is soaring while all his nearest rivals are struggling to attract any new visitors and are languishing in the congressmen's wake.

Ron Paul's website was yesterday ranked at 5,433 and has risen 12,549 within the last 3 months, a rise of 165%.

This shows that Paul's online popularity has MORE THAN DOUBLED in just over 5 weeks when we last reported on the same figures.

Meanwhile Hillary Clinton's site is ranked at 33,848, a drop of over 9,000 in the last three months, with giuliani way down at 93,250.

The next step is of course to force the online success of Ron Paul into mainstream coverage, as It is now quite obvious that the media has instigated a black out on Paul's success.

The latest two cases in point that prove this is the case come from two major outlets, CNN and MSNBC.

CNN's Time Magazine recently produced a major article ironically suggesting there wasn't a GOP frontrunner because all the candidates are the same. Of course the article failed to even mention Ron Paul's name.

Meanwhile MSNBC have decided to exclude Paul from their upcoming "Meet the Candidates" series, despite the fact that after this weekend he will be the GOP's leading 4th quarter fundraiser.

Does this sound like short sightedness or blatant corporate censorship?

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