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Rand Paul Worried Vote Stealing May Hinder Ron Paul Campaign
Congressman's son warns that corruption could be costly

Steve Watson
day, Dec 17, 2007

Dr. Rand Paul – son of Republican presidential candidate and Texas Congressman Ron Paul says he is worried that corruption and vote stealing may hinder his father's push to win the GOP nomination during the early primaries next year.

Speaking last Friday prior to his scheduled appearance at the record breaking fundraising rally marking the anniversary of the Boston Tea Party, Rand Paul spoke about the issue live on the Alex Jones show.

"I'm worried about corruption in general and people stealing votes, they steal them in multiple different ways. Back in LBJ's day he was stealing them by buying the chairman of the county and getting all the votes, and they were paper ballots, so you know, you can steal votes any time you have corruption."

Dr. Paul's concern is well founded given recent reports alleging that Mitt Romney has been buying victories in Straw Polls and State Fair contests.

A report from the St Petersburg Times two weeks ago suggested that Romney bought votes for his supporters, some of whom admitted to voting more than 20 times, at the Florida Straw poll. Romney got 893 votes, besting second-place Ron Paul's 534 despite Paul supporters dominating the crowd.

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Further reports have alleged that Romney was overheard joking about cheating in a State Fair popularity contest, stuffing the ballot box in Ames, Iowa, and dodging questions across the state. Romney won the Iowa poll by a landslide last August.

Concerns were raised by Paul supporters over potential security vulnerabilities in Diebold voting machines at Iowa. Since the machines have been de-certified in other states, Paul's campaign had asked for a hand recount of paper ballots cast in the non-binding poll of Republicans. When the state party said it would count the paper ballots only if Paul's campaign covered the $184,000 cost of the count, the campaign withdrew its request.

At the time Jesse Benton, spokesman for Paul's campaign, said "We didn't want to use and will not use this as a public relations opportunity."

However, the machines will once again be a concern during upcoming primaries, particularly given that a new $1.9 million federally financed study found that voting machines and central servers made by Elections Systems and Software; Premier Election Solutions, formerly Diebold; and Hart InterCivic; were easily corrupted.

With everything riding on the early primaries, Ron Paul needs every vote he can get and any form of vote rigging could decide the difference between winning and losing. Furthermore, polls have suggested that 45% of Independents in New Hampshire are undecided on who they are going to vote for, Ron Paul is counting on drawing these votes for success.

Rather than pinpointing any individual case Rand Paul has suggested that the voting system as a whole needs to be subject to more stringent independent oversight.

"I think being conscious of trying to change our system, and I've talked with the people that want to change away from computer back to paper, New Hampshire has paper ballots which I think is good, the whole thing is that its a long term fight, you won't change that in one election if you want to change away from the system." Dr. Paul commented.

"But what you can do in an immediate election is go to the campaign, if you're in New Hampshire or Iowa or one of the early states, South Carolina, is you go to the campaign and say look I want to be a poll watcher. When you stand there in front of them, they may try to steal votes, but it's much harder with someone standing there." Paul concluded.

Rand Paul is the middle son of Ron Paul. Like his father, he is a physician. Dr. Paul's professional field is eye surgery, though he also has a penchant for politics. The younger Dr. Paul also is involved in health care reform and founded the Southern Kentucky Lions Eye Clinic which provides eye surgery and exams for those who otherwise cannot afford proper care.

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