The Bushes: Delusional, Out Of Touch Puppet Theatre
Laura Bush's latest gaff highlights how these fools know nothing and run nothing
Steve Watson
Tuesday, February 27, 2007  

Laura Bush's latest ill informed outburst reveals just how deluded and out of the reality loop the Neocon puppets are. Mrs Bush told Larry King that she understands “how the American people feel” when they express frustration over Iraq, but then added, “[M]any parts of Iraq are stable now. But, of course, what we see on television is the one bombing a day that discourages everybody.”

Think Progress has the video here.

Despite what Mrs Bush may believe, the Brookings Institution Iraq Index, as of November 2006, states that there are approximately 185 insurgent and militia attacks every day. The fact that maybe only one gets reported on per day is not because there is only one bombing but due to the fact that there is not enough time to cover them all.

The declaration that the majority of Iraq is stable is an absurd insinuation that flies in the face of every recent major report. The daily insurgent attacks all over Iraq have steadily risen since the war began and continue to hit all time highs every month.- exactly the reason why more troops are being sent in.

Clearly The First Lady has once again provided us an insight into the Bush world of make believe that shows just how little our so called leaders actually know about what is going on.

Of course being an outdated and untrustworthy establishment media kingpin, Larry King provided no comeback to or correction of Mrs Bush. Such slack and shameful journalism may go some way to explaining why the majority of Americans when surveyed recently were so woefully off the mark when asked how many innocent Iraqis had been killed since the war began in 2003.

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This is not the first time Mr Bush, in her time as First Lady, has revealed how out of touch she is. Last May when interviewed on Fox News, Mrs Bush said she did not think people were losing confidence in President George W. Bush, despite a series of polls showing support for him at its lowest point in his five-year presidency and among the lowest for any president in the past 50 years.

"I don't really believe those polls. I travel around the country. I see people, I see their responses to my husband. I see their response to me," she said.

Prior to this Mrs Bush was lambasted for failing to remember, or not having even known, the name of Hurricane Katrina when she referred to it as Hurricane "Corrina".

Around the same time, Bush's mother Barbara weighed in with her own sick commentary on Katrina, once again revealing how ignorant, overbearing, elitist and out of touch the Bush crime syndicate is, when she stated:

"Almost everyone I've talked to says we're going to move to Houston. What I'm hearing which is sort of scary is they all want to stay in Texas. Everyone is so overwhelmed by the hospitality. And so many of the people in the arena here, you know, were underprivileged anyway, so this is working very well for them."

Prior to this Barbara Bush commented on the invasion of Iraq :

"But why should we hear about body bags, and deaths, and how many, what day it's gonna happen, and how many this or what do you suppose? Or, I mean, it's, it's not relevant. So, why should I waste my beautiful mind on something like that?"

Laura Bush's latest comments come hot on the heels of President Bush's cringe inducing declaration to the press a couple of weeks ago. When asked about the situation in Iraq Bush stated “It’s hard for me, living in this beautiful White House, to give you an assessment.”

Prior to this, In December 2005, Bush had answered critics who suggested he "lived in a bubble" by declaring:

"I don't feel in a bubble. You feel in a bubble in the sense I can't go walking out the front gate and go shopping like I'd love to do for my wife -- although I may, and I'm not going to tell you what I'm going to buy her,"

Asked whether he read weekly news magazines, Bush replied: "I really don't."



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