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Ron Paul Needs A Cash Infusion Today
February 5th deadline imminent as donation drive for Super Tuesday blitz short of $8.4 million target

Steve Watson
day, Feb 4, 2008

Any readers planning to donate to the Ron Paul campaign in the near future should consider moving their donation forward to today as the Congressman seeks to reach a goal of $8.4 million for the first quarter.

Last month the campaign announced the "Going For The Gold" campaign to boost donations by $5 million by the 5th of February. Though the total raised now stands at an impressive $5.1 million, this is still short of the intended goal.

Please donate to the campaign here.

The campaign has stated that the cash infusion is needed by the end of today in order to run TV and radio ads for the coming "Super Tuesday" blitz.

Ron Paul has stated that he will continue in the race so long as the donations to the campaign continue to come in.

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Last quarter Ron Paul was the highest GOP fundraiser by far, pulling in $19.95 million. The Congressman spent $17.75 million and at year's end had $7.8 million cash on hand, making him the only Republican candidate to increase his fundraising totals in every quarter of 2007.

The hard fought grass roots campaigning from which this success was generated is one of the primary reasons Ron Paul is still in the race. Rudy Giuliani only raised only $14.4 million from Oct. 1 to Dec. 31, while Fred Thompson collected just $8.9 million.

This weekend saw the Congressman come a very close third in Maine with 19%, just 3% behind John McCain and way out ahead of Mike Huckabee who pulled in just 5%.

The campaign has highlighted the importance of Alaska in the upcoming "super Tuesday" round of voting, and also expects to do extremely well in Washington State, with some even predicting Dr. Paul could win there.

The Congressman is currently campaigning in Minnesota. Although Minnesota is the site of the 2008 Republican National Convention and has 41 delegates at stake on February 5th, Ron Paul is the only Republican running an active campaign in the state.

Paul will appear at the Northrop Auditorium in Minneapolis tonight from 7pm. The Rally was originally scheduled to be held at Coffman Union at the University of Minnesota, but had to be moved to a larger venue due to overwhelming demand.

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