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Fourth Of July For Ron Paul Revolution Grand Rally?
Congressman discusses potential dates for march on Washington

Steve Watson
day, Feb 13, 2008

In the wake of his call for supporters to march on the capital, presidential candidate Ron Paul has touted some potential dates for the event.

The Congressman revealed to the Alex Jones show two possible windows in the calender that he has in mind:

"It's going to be soon... right now in my mind I am thinking memorial day weekend or 4th of July weekend, depending on the space and the time and on whether people think we need until the extra six weeks to wait until the 4th of July. But it would be pretty neat if we could do something on the 4th of July, that really might be a great time to do it." Dr. Paul stated.

Paul also provided more details on how he sees the event panning out:

"Its more complex and more difficult to do marches throughout the city, I 'm thinking of just having a grand rally. That would be a little easier to manage." he commented.

The Congressman stressed that a show of strength is needed given that the mainstream media has all but concluded that the race for the GOP nomination is over.

"If we have a march on Washington and a couple of thousand show up, it's pretty embarrassing, so it is pretty risky. But if we have a grand showing, it just means the mainstream media will have a much more difficult time ignoring us, and this would encourage everyone to keep the momentum going." Paul said.

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Dr. Paul also reminded supporters that the achievements of the last year alone justify the continuation of the campaign:

"It's never going to be the same again, the country will never be the same, the Republican Party won't be the same, because of what has been started here. So this is to me very encouraging."

"With Romney out a lot of people thought 'the whole thing is over' but I haven't accepted that idea, we have to wait and see, things can change and there's been so many bad stories out about McCain and what he really believes in that already the people are backing away from him." the Congressman commented.

Paul also further explained why he has ruled out a third party run, stating

"I don't think it is viable and I think there is so much bias against us to do that, so when you are still in Republican primaries and running as a Republican Congressman, to start talking about being something else, it just doesn't seem very smart. The truth is personally I cannot see how that can happen, it just doesn't seem practical for me."

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