Did The Government Force BBC To Drop Menezes, 7/7 Docu-Dramas?
New revelations may have influenced decision to can recreations

Steve Watson
Tuesday, January 16, 2007

The family of Jean Charles de Menezes, the innocent man who was gunned down by British police in the wake of the London bombings, has today accused the BBC of aiding a cover up after plans to film a politically sensitive docu-drama about his murder were unceremoniously dropped. The filiming of a docu-drama about the 7/7 London bombers has also been suddenly abandoned.

The London Guardian reports that the BBC shelved both projects because, despite unearthing "difficult or dark" new evidence, it claims it has given the events enough coverage on news and current affairs programming.

But de Menezes cousin Alex Pereira said:

"They are trying to make people forget what happened. It is all political. If the BBC just wanted to do the right thing, they would show the programme. To show the truth is not illegal, to show how the police treated me is not a crime. But they won't because they want to protect the criminals, the police. All reports say they are innocent in everything they have done. We can't prove there is a cover up but we think it is a cover up .Because it will look bad for the police, they won't do that because the BBC is part of the government."

The move is indeed a strange one given that the BBC had, according to the award-winning producer of the project, previously been touting the drama as "the most important television commission of the year".

So did the government have a hand to play in the decision as Pereira suggests? It is not so far fetched to imagine so, particularly given that the BBC has been on a tight leash ever since the 45 minute warning revelations and the dodgy Iraq dossier business in the aftermath of the invasion of Iraq.

The government has certainly gone to great lengths in the past to cover up the murder of de Menezes. It would be no surprise if this was a continuation of that policy.

It is also telling that MI5 is currently bracing itself for further disclosures over tube bombing intelligence "failures" linked to 7/7. These revelations have seemingly forced Dame Eliza Manningham-Buller, the director-general of MI5, to step down in April, a move some suggest is a pre-emptive attempt by the security services to avoid embarrassment.

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Last weekend it was revealed that contrary to the official line, MI5 had detailed knowledge of the lead bomber, Mohammad Sidique Khan, and had been tracking him for two years before the bombings took place. These revelations are interesting given that we have shown the bombers were more than likely unwitting patsies. Khan's conversations were taped and his car was bugged previous to the bombings, why go to such lengths to keep track of a man who was at the same time deemed not to be "top priority".

In December last year the Menezes family lost their High Court battle over a decision not to charge any police officers in connection with the shooting. Indeed, some of the officers involved have since been promoted (See also Police commander in Menezes case seeks promotion) and have killed again.

One officer was even rewarded with a new job as a sky marshall trainer. The officer was picked because top brass say he has "proven ability to act swiftly and decisively" in emergencies." Yeah by shooting an innocent man in the face eight times, the ideal role model for 'shoot first ask questions later' cops everywhere.

We have previously covered the catalogue of cover ups concerning the Menezes shooting, including the fact that the officers knew he was not a bomber, the faking of tube logs, lying about the existence of cctv footage and even erasing some parts of it, as well as putting out all manner of false information.

Despite having knowingly lied about the events and further attempted to misdirect the public and cover up the incident, Met chief Ian Blair has also escaped any punishment.

The government does not want any further disclosure on this issue because it is happy to let the public believe that targeted assassinations on British soil by Israeli trained death squads are now the norm and there's not a damn thing we can do about it apart from sit down and shut up. Otherwise we just might become the next target of her Majesty's secret death squad.




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