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Ron Paul Supporters Hope To Deliver A Knockout
Seconds out as campaign to advertise on back of boxer gets underway

Steve Watson
day, Jan 14, 2008

A new grassroots campaign in support of Ron Paul's presidential bid is seeking to raise funds in order to place an advertisement on boxer Roy Jones Jr. during an upcoming fight.

In a much anticipated match up Roy Jones Jr. squares off against Felix "Tito" Trinidad at New York's famed Madison Square Garden on the 19th of January and if all goes to plan Jones could have the Texas Congressman's name stenciled across his back for all to see.

The move is being organized by Ron Paul supporter Heath Whiteaker who states:

"We are raising funds for an ad on the back of Roy Jones Jr for his big fight against Trinidad. Like Ron Paul, Roy Jones Jr. has been very outspoken against the war in Iraq. This fight will be huge, seats are currently going for $25K. Any help that you can give is much appreciated. If you still have questions I can be reached by PM, or Phone 863-837-1032."

Whiteaker's plan is to use the fight to generate attention for Ron Paul's efforts towards the Nevada caucuses which are scheduled to take place the very same day.

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The idea stems from ads run by online casino Golden Palace who printed their name on a middleweight named Bernard Hopkins (pictured) for a bout, also against Felix Trinidad, in September 2001.

The Trinidad vs. Jones domestic pay-per-view telecast, beginning at 9 pm ET/6 pm PT will be produced and distributed by HBO Pay-Per-View and will be available in more than 61 million pay-per-view homes.

Whiteaker needs to raise $50,000 by the 19th in order to secure the Ron Paul ad. If the total is not reached full refunds will be issued. Click here to donate.

Online gambling site Gambling 911 has noted the interest the fight is now receiving, predicting the two fighters, who have thirteen world titles between them, will reach a huge audience:

"We are already getting substantial inquiries related to Roy Jones, Jr. well in advance of the fight, which is highly unusual for a boxing match," Senior Editor, Payton O'Brien commented.

The fight will be re-run on ESPN, and HBO, ensuring a repeat run of the advertisement after the fight.

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