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Malkin's Flagging Site Defends "Dirt-Sniffing" Neocon Over Ludicrous Ron Paul / Alex Jones Theories
Fans of Michelle "put all muslims in detention camps" Malkin go on the offensive

Steve Watson
Infowars.net Editorial
day, Oct 30, 2007

Are you sitting comfortably children? Then I shall begin.

Here's the long story cut short for those readers who have been paying more attention to what goes on in the real world than in the desperate "it's too late to back out now" world of frothing neocon bootlickers:

Alex Jones made a contribution to Ron Paul's presidential campaign. He originally intended to donate $1000 dollars but somewhere along the line there was a miscommunication and the Infowars office ended up sending the maximum amount you are allowed to donate which is $2300. When the mistake was realized, Alex asked Ron Paul's office to refund $1300 and they did.

Simple right?

Na ah ah, not when you're a dirt-sniffing neocon goblin like Michelle Malkin's malformed minions over at Hot Air.

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Of course when one of the more inquisitive goblins noticed the refund via OpenSecrets, an organization covering presidential funding, his little goblin mind went into overdrive, like a hamster in a wheel, and he conjured up an impressive but quite fictional yarn about Ron Paul throwing cash at Alex Jones for mystery "services":

“…it seems now we’ve got money moving in both directions between America’s Greatest Patriot and this bottom-feeding Truther jackass: a $2,300 donation from Jones to Paul and a $1,300 payment this quarter from Paul’s campaign to ‘Jones, Alex.’ Assuming it’s the same Alex Jones, which seems a safe bet, pray tell what might that payment have been for?”

"Mmmmmmm I wonder, I wonder, I wonder what it could be for mmmmmm??? Hubble bubble toil and trouble. Eye of newt, and toe of frog, wool of bat, and tongue of dog" The goblin known as "Allahpundit" cackled to his readers.

This one is almost as out there as the "Ron Paul's popularity is all a giant spam campaign by one man" theory, cooked up by one of Rupert Murdoch's tea boys a few weeks ago. More credit goes to that guy however, at least he had the courage to put his real name on it.

In a desperate attempt to find some sort of dirt on Ron Paul, who offers the only real chance of undoing some of the crippling damage to the US economy, the freedom of the American people and America's reputation the world over, wrought over the last seven years by the Bush administration, Malkin's maniacs cooked up a ludicrous conspiracy theory and are now desperately back pedaling whilst trying to maintain some sort of credibility!

Despite a partial retraction by some of the lesser goblins who re-posted the yarn on their own blogs, and quickly realized they were staring a possible libel case in the face, Hot Air has continued to pump out its poison. "Allahpundit" the goblin, too ashamed to admit his own dimwittedness for fear that the almighty Malkin might lose favour with him, desperately froths:

"I wish I had grandkids, just so I could tell them about the day Pops was accused of circulating nutbar conspiracy theories — by Prison Planet. Let’s be straight on one thing, boys: I am most emphatically not accusing Ron Paul of trying to buy favorable coverage from Alex Jones. He’s been getting that coverage from you gratis for months now, and he’s evidently more than happy to accept it. The point about the money trail is simply to show how cozy he is with the dregs of American politics."

Perhaps if he did have grand children we wouldn't have to listen to his fairy tales anymore.

A glance through the comments on the posting provides some amusement as the neocon worshippers slowly realise that yes it is quite easy to mistakenly send $2300 when meaning to send $1000 as the buttons on the Ron Paul donation page are next to each other.

The goblin leaders at Hot Air should realise that they don't need to try and back out of this one slowly because they never had any credibility to preserve in the first instance. Referring to others as "the dregs of American politics" when your own leader has openly called for every muslim in America to be incarcerated in labor camps is rich indeed.

Seriously dirt-sniffers (they love being called that now for some crazy reason!!!??), this is the last time we are going to throw you a life jacket and provide some badly needed resuscitation for your flagging ratings, next time we won't be around to mop up the witch's brew froth emanating from your mouths and you'll be left to drown in your own drool.

There now follows a message for those readers less interested in fairy tales.


Should you wish to mistakenly donate $2300 dollars to Ron Paul when only meaning to donate $1000, or even mistakenly donate $100 when only meaning to click in the $25 box, please go to https://www.ronpaul2008.com/donate/

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