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Anonymous Surfing:
Web sites, advertisers, and others gather your private data for their own uses. Of course, once it's in their hands, it is most assuredly out of yours. And you can’t get it back. You can’t even correct it. And what they are compiling could result in frustration, embarrassment or even harm. What’s the solution? Privacy policies can be deceptive. Government regulation can’t work. Network owners claim all rights to their networks. And voluntary commercial restraint isn’t likely. Technology solutions require multiple downloaded tools, most of which cripple your favorite web content..
Introducing VirtualBrowser™. Simply login and surf! No one can see or track any of your web activities. And all your favorite web content is preserved intact.

Email Spam Protection:
Spam volume is projected to increase nearly 40 times over the next 5 years! As if the clutter in our inboxes wasn’t already overwhelming! Because the cowards and cheats who Spam you harvest addresses from the web, you can never be too careful about entering your email address in web-based email sites, logins, shopping carts or request forms or even in greeting card sites.

VirtualBrowser intercepts any email address you type in and converts it to an anonymous, disposable address before it is sent to the web page. You control how long that new address delivers emails to your regular email inbox. You can even see who sells your address to spammers! And do something about it.

Kills POP-UP Windows on Contact:
You probably don’t know a soul who likes Pop-Up Ads! You’re surfing and suddenly windows start exploding onto your screen. Sites who do this are hoping you are addicted to their content enough to endure the practice. They know you have to see these windows to turn the ads off. Of course, some pop-ups are good. Some help you add attachments in web-based emails, view poll results, or see "added info". Some show you larger images of thumbnails, etc. You want these.

VirtualBrowser automatically kills bad pop-ups while keeping the good ones!

Family Content Filtering:
The web is full of interesting stuff. And informative stuff. And, well, other stuff that many of us would rather not bump into. You don’t have to go looking for the dark side of the web to run into it. That’s why top-notch filtering services are a must for so many people. Once you're logged into your VirtualBrowser, simply open your control panel, set your filtering preferences and surf!. You can set filters on over 30 different categories. You can also use your master account to set content filters on your sub-accounts. So VirtualBrowser will keep you and your loved ones from bumping into that stuff you’d rather not be exposed to.

Bookmark, Password, & Cookie Management:
If you're like most avid web surfers, your bookmarks are scattered across several computers, browsers, and even different ISPs. Accessing all your bookmarks on any one computer is impossible. And you have to take the time to setup custom content sites and automatic logins on each computer (except you don't do that on the several computers you may 'borrow' while at a friend's house, at the library, on vacation, etc.). In any case, the web is currently designed to be Computer-specific -- not User-specific.

VirtualBrowser to the rescue! It always recognizes you -- not just your computer. Now, your surfing experience on one computer is easily and readily available on the next one. Get your bookmarks, your passwords, your browser preferences on any and every web connected computer in the world.

VirtualBrowser encrypts everything so your
surfing is hidden behind the VirtualBrowser

Encrypted Web Surfing:
When you surf online, your web requests and input are passed over the web in clear text. Although most "Secure" sites encrypt (SSL) passed data, these sites usually only encrypt shopping cart or login pages. So, as you surf, parties between you and the sites you visit, like employers, advertising banner display services, internet service providers, and marketing stats companies can see where you go and what you do. This may present a problem if any of what you do online is no one’s business.

Personalize a Shared Web Browser:
Sharing a computer with web access is normal. We all do it. But if you’re not careful, sharing can also be frustrating, embarrassing or even dangerous. Surfing from a shared computer "confuses" sites that personalize content. Those sites don’t know who to personalize to. Auto-logins may compromise important, personal web accounts. The computer’s browser preferences might get changed to settings like "use lowest security" or "do not notify when cookies are set." And are you sure you want others to have access to your bookmarks or history?

The Web should cater to you, not a computer.

VirtualBrowser gives you the bookmarks, preferences and settings that are specific to you and nobody else whether you share your computer . . . or you’re borrowing someone else’s.


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Works with these Microsoft Windows® Web Browsers:

Netscape 4.7
Internet Explorer 5.1
Internet Explorer 5.5
Internet Explorer 6.0


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